The “cherry” over the “cake of engineering” is when you get a placement! When the final year dawns all of us get worked up …solving millions of aptitude questions, grasping C programming basics, and brushing up every technical aspect of our subject!

Then there is a pouring of various companies in our campus….!

Being human

In this “rat –race” for employment, a few do better than the rest. Sometimes a few get luckier too. But something that is really tested during this period is “human values”.

There are volcanoes of emotions of happiness and sorrows, anxieties and disappointments but amidst all this we need to challenge our inner qualities of patience and tolerance.

To have the gut feeling of confidence and inner belief is necessary during this phase. Another quality that comes into focus is friendship. Standing by friends, helping them through thick and thin… be it brushing up their soft skills, lending them your favourite outfit for their interview or even to tying a tie for them! It all pays off!


Somewhere down the years when we recall these recruitment days, the one thing that should come to our mind is how we tried helping our friends in every possible and unbelievable manner!

Sneha Banerjee, IV Year, Chemical Engineering, SRM University