Though still in its nascent stage, Acid Free is sure to make heads turn with its talented line up.

Acid free. Yes, they're anti-substance abuse but what draws these musicians together is their passion for music. Acid Free consists of four exceptionally talented individuals — Nikitha, Abraham, Joel and Prince. So talented, that it's difficult to say who the singers and the musicians are at any given point in time, as they tend to switch, by whim or depending on the song, and still execute perfection.

The team

Abraham, one of the main vocalists, has been in the music scene for quite some time, has been a part of a few bands and is now looking to get back, post studying abroad.

Nikhita, the other main vocalist, is qualifying to be a dentist. She has 12 years of Hindustani music behind her but her passion lies with singing soul, the powerful African-American way.

What can I say about Joel? He loves country music! (I hope this doesn't include Miley Cyrus!) He has been a part of a couple of bands, plays the guitar and sings backing vocals for the band.

Prince is an all-round musician! A student at A R Rahman's KM Music Conservatory, he plays a couple of instruments, which include the keys, percussion and guitar to name a few and also sings backing vocals with Joel.

Put them all together and you get ACID FREE. Though they haven't been a band for long, their rapport and music are spectacular. I let them do the talking, just to see what made these guys tick.

Only covers or any own comps in the horizon?

Definitely own in the near future. We're working on them now.

Why did you guys put this band together and whose idea was it?

We found we were all equally passionate about music and had similar interests. Gino (our manager from Black Sheep INC) and Prince worked to put us together.

Bands you love collectively…

John Mayer, Norah Jones, Alicia Keys, India Arie, Israel Houghton, Michael Jackson……

Common interests…

Sports, Movies and FOOD! Warm and unlimited food!

While these guys are loads of fun, they mean business when it comes to their quality of music.

Contact: BLACK SHEEP INC at 9884039242

Rachel is a MA English student at Madras Christian College.

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