These youngsters have what it takes to make it big in the complex world of media and marketing: passion and the drive to create something new

What happens when a group of individuals who share a passion for creative work are unable to showcase their talent at their workplaces? They become partners and start their own firm where they can make a living out of their passion and have fun too as friends!

Therefore We Media is the result of six friends wanting to create their own space where “passion drives our work”. They offer a potpourri of creative services like Branding Solutions, Films, Media Research, Film Marketing and Wedding memoirs with offices in Hyderabad, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram and Delhi.

Big aspirations

Vandana Krishnan, one of the co-founders, says, “Passion for performance and earnestness with work has been our strength. Over the last two years, we have created an impressive portfolio for ourselves. Being young has its pros and cons. Corporates may like your ideas but they are not sure if you can handle the execution. But the fact that we have been able to deliver in spite of short timelines and shoestring budgets make us promising.”

The team may be young and their company new (started in 2011) but the projects they have undertaken are proof of their confidence and quality of work.

Their clientele features names like Wipro, Coromandel, Jeevanseva, SRM Group, IMG Reliance (Aircel Chennai Open), DB Schenker, Hyderabad Traffic Police, Hazzel Ice Creams and more.

They were nominated for five awards and won one in the Avatar International Film Festival 2013.

Business of weddings

Not satisfied with what they’ve achieved so far, the team has also started Wedding Memoirs, a company that will focus exclusively on creative services for weddings like films, video invitations, music videos or a coffee-table book.

“Weddings are the most celebrated and looked-forward-to events in every household. Wedding Memoirs was started with a simple idea of bringing filmmaking into weddings and giving the couple a memoir that they would cherish for the rest of their lives. The idea was to help couples relive the magic of their wedding,” explains Vandana.

What does the team make of the changing market trends?

“Advertising has become street-smart, thanks to the proliferation of new media. Marketing has not become easier but more effective thanks to the tracking system. Ideas do not remain new for long. So the onus is on us to present our ideas first and in the most impressive manner.”

The team

Therefore We Media’s team is slowly but surely cementing the company’s place in the industry.

Shankar S., 28: An engineer-turned-communicator, he leads from the Head Office at Hyderabad armed with his experience in advertising and copywriting. He is also a passionate filmmaker.

Srinath S., 30: As the creative head, he oversees the execution of all graphics work and is based out of Hyderabad.

Vandana Krishnan, 28: The writer and business manager has degrees in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Harish V., 29: A former movie reviewer, he manages business in Chennai and is developing Wedding Memoirs.

Arun Gopal, 27: A writer and filmmaker, he heads the Thiruvananthapuram Division

Shashank Mishra, 28: Has worked as a producer with various news channels and heads the Delhi division.

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