Unveil your ethnic side with Shraddha Saawant's exclusive Massakali range of saris.

Shraddha Saawant’s Indian tradition is reflected in her collection Masakalli. Be it the motifs or the vibrant colours, each sari is customised in an interesting amalgamation of Indian crafts and textiles. She aims at blending trends with tradition to give the range a modern look. Whether you’re looking for lavish Paithanis and silks, stylish georgettes and chiffons with zari, the forever-in-fashion ikats, block prints and Kalamkari, Massakali offers it all. Shraddha tells NXg how she got into the world of design.

How did it start? And why did you choose saris?

Fashion and designing have always been on my mind. But I started only six months ago. I completed my diploma in designing. I’ve always loved Indian history, culture and art and that’s the reason behind my taking this up seriously. I feel a sari enhances a woman's personality; it’s quintessentially Indian. Also, a woman looks best in a sari and that’s why I chose to design something close to my heart.

The industry is very competitive today... how do you manage to thrive?

Yes I agree that fashion industry is extremely crowded and competitive and we do have some great talent. I am relatively new but what I can rely on is the positioning of my couture, which takes on the rich heritage of Indian art. This gives me the confidence that I can carve a niche for myself.

What is your brand's USP?

It’s a simple theory that old things die hard. The fusion of cultures put together in a sari is the USP as far as my creations go. I know this will attract all ages.

Why did you choose the name Masakalli?

Masakalli depicts a flying pigeon, which represents the freedom of using various cultures from different parts of India. As far as clothes go, right now I am concentrating only on designing saris and dupattas.

How have you fared in terms of achieving your goals?

For me setting targets is a just another step to working hard. I would like to stay away from far-fetched goals but taking my collection to Bollywood and making a make in the market is something I wanted and I have done that in a small way. Today, some people from the Page 3 section have been sporting my saris and it was also aired in a show on Zoom TV.

Where do we see you five years from now?

I want to take the roots of our culture beyond the geographic boundaries of our country. Another thing that I would love to do is create the accessories to go with the saris be it jewellery, shoes or bags. Each should complement the other.

Have you showcased in fashion weeks?

I haven’t yet but would love to be seen in the Lakme Fashion week soon.

How do you interact with your clients, since that plays a big role in maintaining your client list!

I think my collection is personalised so it demands personal attention. I make sure I suggest patterns and colours depending on the client’s body type. I suggest the look when the sari is worn and this helps them get that personal touch.

Any celebrities who have sported your clothes and or anyone you have designed for?

Not too many but I have designed for Medha Manjrekar, a well known Marathi actor and Mahesh Manjrekar’s wife.

Do you design your own clothes as well?

Yes, of course. That’s the best way to market my clothes. I always wear my creations.

What should a perfect wardrobe have?

A blend of both modern and traditional to suit every occasion. However big a women’s wardrobe is, it is incomplete without a perfect sari.

Where do you retail? How do customers contact you?

I work from home and show at exhibitions. You can reach me at: +91-9920900008

Shraddha is also showcasing her collection at The Vimonisha Private Collection.

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