Artist: Enya

The Second most popular musical import from Ireland (after U2) gathers 19 of her signature songs for “The Very Best of Enya.” For the fans of Enya's otherworldly crooning, multi-tracked vocal stylings and synthesised sonic backdrops, the compilation of her best-known songs will likely become a must-have addition to their music collections. By the same token, detractors of the Irish singer's distinctive new age sound won't find much motivation here to convert.

The album balances the four-time Grammy winner's delicate ballads such as ‘Only Time' and ‘Amarantine' with ethereal anthems like ‘Wild Child' and ‘Anywhere Is'. The collection best illustrates the undeniable knack producer Nicky Ryan and Enya share for creating a particular mood and sense of place. The CD opens with Enya's breakout hit ‘Orinoco Flow', which invokes images of drifting sailboats, pristine beaches and peaceful seas; likewise, ‘Caribbean Blue' brings to mind a romantic waltz on white sands. ‘Book of Days', from Ron Howard's epic “Far and Away,” captures the film's sweeping journey from Ireland to Oklahoma Territory.

The contributions that she made to “Lord of the Rings” film “May It Be” effectively tap the mystery and mythology of Middle Earth. The new release closes, appropriately enough, with Enya's achingly lovely ‘Oiche Chiuin', her Gaelic rendition of the Christmas carol ‘Silent Night'.

‘The Very Best Of Enya' is a journey through the musical mind of a unique artist. In many ways it closes the door on what is hopefully only the first part of her career. One can only wonder what lies ahead?

SRIKRISHNA NATESAN, drummer for Blind Image