Nuha Afra who believes that baking is simple and a lot of fun, has scored high on taste!

We earnestly desire to give something back to our school which gave us a treasure trove of memories to cherish. But Nuha Afra, a 22-year-old, found an innovative way to give back something to her alma mater — Union Christian School. She began her entrepreneurial career by selling sweet treats in her school canteen.

The positive feedback encouraged her and soon she began taking classes for children in a learning centre. This early experience gave her confidence to devote herself completely to pursuing her passion of baking.

Early start

Her inspiration has been her mom, who stands by her in all her endeavours. “My mom is an amazing cook and I grew up watching her cook. By the age of 15, I began to bake by going through recipes. Later, I went for a couple of baking classes in Bangalore and Chennai. Before I knew it, I was getting orders from my relatives and friends for various occasions. Slowly, I made this into a full- fledged profession.

For many it is a difficult journey because to establish oneself is slow and tiring, but Nuha who hails from a family who’s been doing business for generations confesses, “People are enjoying my cakes and more people are approaching me for orders.”

She doesn’t get bogged down by competition instead feels that it drives her to excel and improve her products. She finds her greatest achievement in the positive feedback and the smiles of her customers. She vouches by the quality she offers and says “The quality and the quantity I offer for the price is my USP”. Currently, she bakes from home and her list includes cakes, donuts, brownies, tarts, cookies and mousse. She has earned publicity through word of mouth, courtesy, friends and relatives.

Sometime in the future she dreams to open a bakery of her own. Her secret to success she says is her desire to follow her dreams and to live her passion—“My success mantra has always been ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’. I don’t plan things, instead I believe in taking action.” Many of us have looked at those sugary treats and earnestly desired to make them ourselves, but have always thought it to be too difficult.

But Nuha says that it’s just a piece of cake, “Baking is really simple and at the same time a lot of fun! All you need is patience and the right ingredients, everything else just comes with practice. If you put in the efforts results will surely follow.” Nuha Afra is an inspiration to those who stay at home, but wish to create an identity all the same.

To order Nuha’s yummy home-bakes you can contact 9884187153.

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