Heart vs. the mind: A vivid dream of an idyllic bike ride

The sky is overcast. There is a strong breeze. The trees are dancing. The sky is playing hide and seek with the clouds. The road is long and winding. There is nobody in sight. It is just me, and the perfectness of everything around me. I see the speedometer reach 50km, 60km.

It moved past 60km. The bike is screeching in exhilaration. My heart says keep going. My mind says slow down, this is dangerous. My heart says be reckless, at least this once, when everything is perfect. My mind says no, be cautious. The war between the heart and the mind starts, but I am far away from it all. I am with nature, with the winding road, with the bend in the road, with the movement of the trees, with the pulse of the wind, with Mother Nature.

A puff of smoke hit me directly on my face. I woke up. Reality hit me. The moment was gone. I was back in the battle. I was back to win the war, the war of life, the war of the wars, which plagues every human being, not letting them live in that moment for ever. I came back to reality. But little did I know that I had left both my mind and heart there, in that moment, where everything was perfect.

Aishwarya Kumar, II B.A.Journalism, M.O.P. Vaishnav College For Women

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