What prompts people to choose death over love and hope?

Back at high school, there was this senior who was very popular. He was exceedingly intelligent, completely down to earth and very friendly. He was an all-rounder. One look at him, and you would know he was destined for great things in life. And he lived up to all the expectations. He emerged the topper of various entrance exams, he got into the most reputed engineering college in the country. He chased his dreams and went on to pursue his Masters in the US and his PhD. He was the kind of person who every mother would hope to have as a son.

Would you ever have thought that a person of such nature would attempt something like a suicide? He did.

He was in my Facebook friend list and I immediately navigated to his wall to see thousands of condolences having poured in. It took a few minutes to understand what had happened.

I wasn’t exactly in touch with him, but he was a blogger too and I remember asking him a few doubts regarding blogging. I was shocked. There were probably a million others dreaming the life he was living. And he seemed to be content with what he was doing. You name it and he was an expert in it. So the next question that popped up was, ‘Why?’.

I just can’t stop thinking of what would have driven him to take that decision. One thought, powerful enough to overshadow all the wonderful moments in his life. Just one thought that took him away from the world.

When some people are stuck, they shout for help. Some try to sort it out by themselves and if it fails, they ask for help. Some people just refuse to ask anyone directly but would accept help if someone offers. Some people refuse to ask and even refuse the other person’s offer to help. We never know in which category people around us fall into. All we know is we can offer to help someone in a small way, hoping they would take our hand.

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