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Updated: July 25, 2012 18:10 IST

The confused ‘me’

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Confused: Listen to yourself. Photo: S James
Confused: Listen to yourself. Photo: S James

Processing information on several levels…

We are always taken by surprise. Social life is a mere time pass. “Hi, hello, wassup...” Seriously guys, life would turn out to be better if you had the guts to say it to the person directly rather than relying on gizmos and gadgets.

When the things in the virtual world get out of hand, that’s when your mind screams “RUN!” So the deactivation period begins. It is a self-imposed banishment. “Accept it” your mind says. Finally the facebook dragon has been slayed. You would probably feel like a young innocent princess who skillfully beheaded a dragon with a chain saw. Your parents would welcome the announcement; they might even throw a party, although their initial expression would have been as if they had just suffered a stroke. The acid test begins at college. Your friends would rush over to see you as if you have returned from the Vietnam War. Others would look at you as if you are an alien in disguise. That’s instant popularity guys. Bask in it as it would last only for a short period. The next day you will come across a new piece of gossip about a public breakup. You question your friends for the reason. Probably at that instant, a kick in the gut would have felt much better than their smirks. Soon the breakup would become yesterday’s news and viral videos would replace them. You would question yourself as to why the most interesting piece of events occurs only during these times. You will keep staring at the time. The mind says it to move. Hell, it may even try to hypnotise the clock to move faster. You make a run for it during dispersion time to reach home. Now you are in front of the pc. Drag the mouse. Entering your “ever so lame. Yet friends call it cool id” Press tab. Then you type in that password which you think even hackers in those ultra cool hacking movies can never even hack. You would have a faceoff with your conscience at this time. Should I do it? I took this decision. No! I’m too strong! To hell with deactivation. Enter. Hello friend. I missed you. Now, you really want to know what is on my mind ?

J. SRILAKSHMI, Final Year, C.S.E, Kings Engineering College

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