Talent is all you need to be heard across the country, proves this ‘Junk Rock’ band.

From scouting for opportunities in their hometown in the North East, to being busy juggling concerts and their individual careers, Boomarang has taken a big step into the national rock stage. The band was included in the Top Ten Bands to watch out for by the Rolling Stones magazine-India, which could perhaps be attributed to their musical style which the band describes as “Junk Rock — a new genre of music when you play whatever the hell you want!” In Mumbai last week for a performance and launch of their debut album Home. The band’s lead singer Atea talks to NXg about their music and creating opportunities.

What is the music scene like back home?

I cannot speak for the entire region, but we’re from Izol in Mizoram, where the most popular genre of music is gospel. There are very few bands and they’re all really good but unfortunately we do not have much of a platform to showcase our music. In our hometown, if you wanted to perform, you had to organise your own show.

Then how did you manage to bring your music out?

We participated in the National Rock Contest organised in Kohima, Nagaland, during which we met Shomi Gupta (Editor of Rock Street Journal) who introduced us to RSJ and then got an opportunity to perform at Great Indian Rock. We then participated in the Independence Rock competition in Delhi. The final was in Mumbai and we were runners-up along with Skype. Both the bands got the opportunity to tour together. There was also the Scavenger Rock Idol, a local reality show in Izol. It’s been seven to eight years since we got together as a band and have toured the country a lot since then. Now people recognise us and organisers invite us to perform.

So competitions are a good place to start?

Yes, they are, as in our country we do not have too many regular places to perform. Over the years, we’ve built a lot of contacts, who call us for shows all over the country now.

You must be a busy band…

Not too busy. About one or two gigs a month and this is pretty tight for a band like us. Also, each of us has our own individual career, besides playing in the band. I own a local music channel back home. Booma is into event management. Joshua is just setting up a business and RS teaches drums.

How did you all come together as a band?

Booma and RS used to jam together while Joshua and I used to be part of different bands. They called us for jamming sessions and we would play covers of Rage Against The Machine, a band we all love. Realising we were good together, we just stuck on.

What are your performances like?

We play everything, but originals mostly. Our music is fun. And at our performance you can neither see too much screaming like heavy metal nor is it too mellow.

What is the band’s most memorable experience?

Opening for Korn in New Delhi in 2012. We have listened to them, but to actually meet them in person was great. We did not have much time to talk, but when Korn got on stage after our performance, the guitarist said we were awesome!


GENRE: Junk Rock

LINE-UP: Atea (Vocals); Booma (Guitars); Joshua (Bass); Rsa (Drums)

BIGGEST MOMENT: Opening for Korn