Love equations, can speak Elvish, and recall lines from Stephen Hawkins’ book? Bring out your inner geek with these fashion suggestions.

There’s this sub-category of the human species that is as old as civilisation, but back then they were known by different names: thinkers, inventors, philosophers, researchers; now they’re collectively called geeks!

So if you’re not one of then and would like to pretend that your IQ’s way above average, you have to get the look right. Here’s what you need to do…

Geeky glasses

Nothing says “geek” like geeky glasses. Wayfarers, cat’s eye, full round-rimmed (like Harry Potter), horn-rimmed … your choice is limitless. Pick one that suits your face and see how convincingly cerebral you look!


Physics, Maths, Star Wars … spell out your nerdy passion through your t-shirts. Movie or book quotes, video game references, comic book characters, technology pointers, they’ve got ‘em all. Sites like, and that let you customise t-shirts with your own logo and text. So what’s stopping you?

Google for smart ideas like these:

“May the d(mv)/dt be with you.” (If you didn’t get that, physics and movies ain’t your cup of tea).

“I am not a geek. I am a Level 9 Warlord.”

“Life is too short to remove USB safely” even sells a Wi-Fi detecting t-shirt!


Being a geek is not just about what you wear, but you carry as well. Listening to They Might Be Giants’ Why Does the Sun Shine, while reading Steve Jobs’ biography on your Kindle, and texting your astronomy group on your latest smartphone about the next meet up. Oh yeah, add a scientific calculator too to the list, just in case.


Go for the knee-length pleated skirts, preferably checked, teamed with knee-high socks. For the additional effect, add suspenders too.

Skirts not your thing? Rolled up chinos should do the trick. Pair them with formal/semi-formal shirts and make them crisp (nerds don’t like creases!).

If it gets a tad too cold, sleeved cardigans will help keep you warm and smart.

As far as footwear is concerned, go for the classic Oxford shoes or Brogues to be faithful to the look. Else add a touch of geekiness to your current footwear by painting/writing or sticking them with logos, art or equations.

Accessorise your look with chains that have Pi, Rubik Cube, molecule model, computer chips and keyboard key pendants.


Most guys typically qualify as geeks since they anyway love sci-fi movies and video games. For those who dare to show off their geeky side, here’s what they can pick from their wardrobe.

Checked shirts, paired with chinos held up with a no-nonsense belt. Complete the look with a bow tie and suspenders. For the shoes, go for the Brogues with matching socks.

Finish the look with a library membership card (Gold, of course!), a book on astrophysics and a digital watch: the more incomprehensible the better.

(Wardrobe suggestions courtesy: Westside)

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