NXg owes its success to an enthusiastic bunch of contributors who are always game for any assignment. Here are some of our newest writers sharing their love for the tabloid, and passion for writing.


Hi everyone! I'm an Automobile Engineering graduate and I recently started working as a Trainee in Toyota Kirloskar Motors, Bangalore. I had nothing to do after finishing college and I felt quite useless but writing for NXg was one of the few awesome things that I was able to do in that period of time. They gave me the space to write about the things I loved the most — music and animals. Thank you NXg! Hoping to write more articles in the future!



NXg has given me the platform to hone my writing skills and play the role of a journalist comfortably. With each assignment I have become more confident and I find it easier to open up to people. More importantly, writing for NXg has helped me convince my parents that journalism is my passion. And for this, I am eternally grateful.

Pragadish is a multimedia student with Arena Academy.



I started writing for NXg during my holidays, post Grade X exams. In the little time that I've been with them I've seen so much and met so many people. I can only hope to be with them for longer.

Shraddha is a Grade XI student.



Initially, NXg was only an interface between me and my love for writing. But in the recent past, I seem to have established an emotional bond of sorts with the supplement; almost like a sense of belonging. It is like the mentor who motivates by its sheer presence. Every time I look at a copy I'm overwhelmed by a dash of enthusiasm. I have evidence because I almost jaw drop each time I realise the development between my first story and the most recent one. Of course, it's inspiring to see my by-line, but honestly, the constant support and encouragement by the team is so warm and welcoming that it sort of aggravates the passion in me. NXg is that platform that makes work seem like taking a long, beautiful holiday. And today on its anniversary, I celebrate by cutting the cake of respect and popping the bottle of the champagne that tastes of affection. Here's to NXg. Cheers!

Payal is a M.A. Communication student at M.O.P. Vaishnav College For Women.



After working with corporates for eight years, a moment came when I decided it was time to pursue my passion and that passion has become my profession. I have been writing since a decade and have dabbled with almost every subject under the sun. But writing for NXg has given a whole new perspective to what I do. It holds the key to unlocking various unexplored facets of information, knowledge that enriches the skills of the next generation. Being part of it has helped me in many ways — Developing a connect with youngsters and the exposure to fresh talent has taken a positive transition effect in the way I think and write. So far, it has been a holistic enhancement of me as a writer and as an individual and I will be part of NXg as long as I write.



I am 22, and I work as Officer - Business Development at Navin Housing. I'm also pursuing my Chartered Accountancy. I write predominantly in English, though I think, swear and dream in native Tamil. What I love about NXg is that, like today's youth, it is a very broad-minded, but at the same time, a fun, and cute journal (it allows the use of Tamil slang in its otherwise English text), that earnestly aspires to encourage young writers. This anniversary issue is my alarm — that reminds me rather crossly, that I haven't had the time to write for NXg off-late. My apologies to NXg; my preoccupations have been stealing all the time reserved for you and I promise to contribute to your resplendence more frequently in the coming months. May a billion more editions of you be churned out of spirit, ink, passion, paper, thoughts and press, and may you continue to inspire and encourage young writers forever.



Writing is something I've always wanted to do. I'd always dream of becoming an author someday, because I've grown up reading books. Being a part of NXg is like living a dream. I started off with book reviews, and slowly moved on to general articles. Writing on various issues and events, making new friends, made me see the world clearer; made me see it for what it is. Small steps make one big leap. NXg is an amazing part of me — it has emboldened me to write more often and to follow my heart.

Shweta is a III Year B.Sc. ISM student of M.O.P. Vaishnav College For Women.



To me, NXg is a weekly convention that involves the younger minds of the print reading multitude. Be it the academics, movies, trends, gaming, fashion, events or even issues concerning the nation, NXg has been a one of a kind supplement that has given us a comprehensive view into the world of Gen X. I also acknowledge their efforts to aggrandise the writing adroitness of numerous contributors like myself. Reading my name following an article on this paper gives me a great sense of pride and makes me feel that I am a part of something illustrious. My earnest congratulations to the NXg team for figuratively putting up a great show every Thursday for all these years. Thanks a lot for the opportunity, guys. Peace reign over us.

Bhargav is a III Year B.Tech Civil Engineering student at SRM University.



I've always come out to people as a school kid, a very naughty one! I love being that way. At NXg it was all about being me. I wasn't asked to change the way I write or anything else. With every article I saw myself improve and this was only because of the super cool editors who were never pushy! It was a great environment to be at and as a matter of fact I didn't want to go back to college after my internship. NXg is where the writer in me found her first recognition, this is where I was nurtured and this is where I'm still growing. I'm so very happy to be a part of the fourth anniversary and I can proudly say I was a tiny part of this big success. Congratulations NXg on having turned four and wishing you many more down the lane!

Divya is a I Year MA Communication student at Madras Christian College.



I had come to Chennai a year ago back for a journalism course. We all had heard and knew that The Hindu is the most accurate and linguistically appropriate newspaper and Chennai is the place for it. From being a volunteer at ‘The Hindu Lit for Life' to writing for NXg, the experience has been incredible. The youth-centric approach of this tabloid is its USP and I love writing/ sharing my views; in a way, become the voice of many youngsters as well as address issues that have always perturbed me. Moreover as a journalism student it exposed me and helped me write about different issues and subjects further adding practicality in my work which shall help me later in life.

Kuhika is a student of Asian College of Journalism.



It's been such a pleasure to write for NXg over the past year. It's one of the few papers in the country that is targeted specially towards the youth, and is the right blend of informative and entertaining. People always say that it is the youth who shape the future, and NXg truly embodies that statement. Personally, it has helped me build on my passion for writing, giving me the opportunity to explore various themes and topics, from travel writing to fashion to more serious, current issues. I look forward to the future issues of NXg, and the continued effort of the editorial team in creating this amazing paper!

Samvitha is a student of the American International School.


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