When pedestrians become stunt performers…

While waiting at the traffic signal, I was looking out the window. It was a hot day and I saw a few people walking on the sidewalk. I was glad as nowadays people walk anywhere but the sidewalk. Suddenly I heard the whooshing sound of a bike, but no one was moving because of the signal. Then the motorbike got on the sidewalk and zoomed by. Seeing this, other motorcyclists with little patience waiting at the signal also made their way on to the sidewalk. Soon they were all on it! We keep thinking that we should always use the sidewalk to walk safely, but now it has turned into a death walk for pedestrians. I guess that all of us will become stunt performers soon by walking on the sidewalk and avoid getting hit by a bike. Now tell me, is it a sidewalk or death walk?

The writer is a I year student at WCC

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