A fun game that requires you to use your thinking faculty.

Here we have another great Indie game after Braid, exclusively for Windows and Mac! Amanita Design has done a really good job on this one. In this game, you start in a junkyard and go on a big journey to find your Robot girlfriend who is lost in the city. This funny game actually has no dialouge and the story is conveyed through thought-bubbles and drawings.

Machinarium took nearly three years to be developed by seven Czech developers!! The level of detailing is truly amazing! There's only one control — the mouse. Machinarium is filled with great puzzles and mini-games which will be a great attraction for young gamers.

In-built help

The major drawback is that it's very difficult and I really couldn't figure it out without a walkthrough. If you are really stuck, you can get a hint for each level which is again expressed in a thought bubble. If you are still stuck in spite of getting a hint, there's a mini-game to be played, winning which gives detailed information on how to finish the current level in the form of comic strips. One cool thing about the game is that you can collect many items in the city like pipes, sticks, paper or whatever is lying around which can be utilised later on. These items can also be combined and used in a unique way, like combining a rubber sucker and a toy gun will give a gun which fires the rubber sucker, like a grappling gun! This can really help you out through missions.

Grab this game if you're a puzzle-freak or else this game will tire your brains out even before you finish it.

M. SHASHANK, VIII is a student of S.B.O.A School and Junior College