Movie: Super 8

Cast: Elle Fanning, Amanda Michalka and Kyle Chandler

Director J.J Abrams' “Super 8”, produced by Steven Spielberg, is one of those mixed genre films that you shouldn't miss at any cost.

A story told through the eyes of a bunch of kids, the film becomes a J.J Abrams masterpiece that closely reminds us of Spielberg's “E.T”.

However, “Super 8” is different and far better than “E.T” and ‘Close Encounters', which makes this film distinctively special.

Point of view

When a bunch of kids witness the derailing of a train carrying a mysterious cargo in a small Ohio town, not only do they record the events, but also try to unravel the mystery. However, soon they realise that they have gotten into something that is more terrifying than what they anticipated.

After his successful rewinding of “Star Trek”, J.J Abrams returns and delivers something that all of us are going to remember for a while. “Super 8” is not a children's film but it's a film that is told through the perspective of a bunch of kids. Instead of putting together a team of astronauts/scientists like always, J.J Abrams cleverly paints this shivering mysterious environment and puts in it a bunch of kids and captures their reaction. Brilliant!

The film has the heart of a children's film but qualifies as a cleverly narrated and intriguingly abnormal film. The film also boasts a whole new generation of artistes, the kids, who sweep us of our feet with their exceptional performance. Lastly, “Super 8” is not an action/mystery/thriller film but it's a good-hearted film with abundant sensitivity.

Bottomline: A film strictly intended to give you a rollercoaster experience.


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