The festive season has just passed....Yeah, Dasara or Navarathri or golu (as it is popularly known in Chennai) celebration has been the talk of the town.

Dazzling variety

My home and the neighbourhood presented a vibrant scene. Colourful dolls of deities, serial lights, prayers in the evenings, women clad in silk sarees (in bright hues), with their heavy pieces of temple jewellery (which is heavier than my college bag!), beautiful arthis lit everywhere… Dasara really did spread divinity all around!

But above all there is something else which is my favourite part during Dasara.

Yes, it's the sundal which is the highlight of this festival. Eating hot spicy sundal prepared by my lovable Mom and my neighbourhood aunties is truly an out- of- the- world experience.

And, in addition to that, I am quite lucky because of the proximity of the temple to my house. The temple is just opposite my house and that was quite convenient for me to grab my large share of the prasadhams prepared exclusively for this golu season.

Hmmm… after all, life is all about “eat healthy and think better!”

S.SOWMYA, I Year B.Com, S.D.N.B. Vaishnav College For Women

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