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Updated: February 17, 2010 14:51 IST

Success on the way

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Bollywood Actor: Purab Kohli
Bollywood Actor: Purab Kohli

Post the success of “Rock On”, Purab Kohli's career is definitely upbeat…

Former VJ and “Rock On” drummer, Purab Kohli has set many a heart fluttering with his disarming smile. He has won critical acclaim with movies like “My Brother Nikhil” and “Rock On”.

For all those waiting to watch more of Purab, hold your breath and wait for his next movie, a thriller, where he is playing the lead. Excerpts from an interview…

From modelling to TV serials to VJing to movies, how has the journey been?

Long, for starters!! It has been eight to 10 years now since I started working first on TV serials. I didn't do it with a plan in mind. It was just a source of some extra pocket money for me then. It was never like ‘Kuch karna hai' for me — I just kept going with the flow. It was only three to four years back that I decided that movies is what I want to do now. And that in itself was a huge learning process — the career choice and deciding that this is what I want to stick to now.

Which amongst all of these did you enjoy the most?

Well, I have enjoyed everything that I have done till now. It's a very good thing that I have had so much variety in life. Only if something got too monotonous or stagnant so as to become boring, I moved on.

Tell us about your experience with “Rock On”.

My role in “Rock On” was definitely a very alive one. I played this light character that never took life seriously but is actually philosophical. I kind of played two different roles — what he was and what he became eventually, complete with transformations in the physicalities. He was definitely my favourite character in the movie, and I honestly think that if everyone thought like him, the world would be an easier and better place, with far less confusions and complications. It was a wonderful experience.

Your work in “Rock On” got a special jury mention in the Filmfare awards. How did it feel?

Recognition for good performance always feels good. The jury mention was completely unexpected. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed that there was no nomination. But being acknowledged by the audience and industry alike is a huge deal. When I was mentioned, there was a genuine clap and cheer from the audience. It felt special. I used to receive a lot of messages on facebook and sms from people telling me that I had done a superb work in the movie. This kind of appreciation recharges you and gets you going. It made me also feel confident and really good about myself.

From doing off-beat movies like “My Brother Nikhil” and “Rock On”, you are now starring in “Hide N Seek”, a romantic flick. What kind of role are you doing here?

“Hide N Seek” is essentially a thriller, but my role in the movie is a romantic one, where the character is besotted with a girl. The movie involves six characters who get separated for 12 years, and when they meet again, their past catches up with them. The movie's got the works and keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout. It can be said to be in the genre of “I know what you did last summer”.

What are your other interests/hobbies?

Travel is a big part of my life. Other than for movies, I travel during the free time I get, even if it may be for just two days. It's my biggest passion. I play a little bit of drum also. Post “Rock On”, I have started enjoying being fit. I like studying the body and its postures and positions, and the messages they communicate. Of late, I have developed an interest in a dance form called Street Jazz.

Who or what has been your biggest inspiration?

I find inspiration more in actions of people rather than the people themselves. I don't idolise anyone.

Are there any particular issues or causes you support?

I support this body called Toy Bank which gives out toys to children. I recently ran a Delhi Marathon for a group called Friend Ecos that works with street animals. I love the environment, and working for it is something that I really want to do seriously.

Your take on the new wave of cinema and the way Bollywood is evolving.

A lot of cinema is governed by who's watching it. There's a funny metamorphosis that the industry has seen with the advent of multiplexes — a smaller group of people can now decide the fate of a movie. As for movies themselves, the pace at which they are evolving is crazy. Age old formulas for hit movies are failing; people are completely stumped and questioning their footing and foundations. The whole market is being assessed in a never-before way. One better be on one's toes or they may find themselves out of business.

What are your forthcoming works?

I am working in a movie called “Mocktail”. This is a working title; the final name hasn't been decided yet. I host shows now and then.

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