Movie: The Descendants

Cast: George Clooney, Shailene Woodley, Judy GreerA complex drama involving money, family, sentiments and humour is what this movie is all about but shown in a very graceful manner.


George Clooney as Matt King has pulled off his role with ease. The movie starts with his wife Elizabeth going into a coma after a boat accident. George Clooney has a troubled life then on where his strained relationship with his daughters, Scottie and Alex, demands some taking care of. He has to deal with his own life after he finds out that his wife was in a relationship with someone else. He also happens to be the sole trustee of a family trust that owns 25,000 acres of land, which he has to sell because of a law. Not that this was enough his father-in-law keeps nagging Matt that he wasn't a loving husband and that he did not fulfil his daughter's needs. The movie then concentrates on how he solves all these problems with true grit. It is a light-hearted movie which is better seen than heard about.

Mixed emotions

Alex's crazy friend Sid brings humour to the movie. All the actors have done their roles well. George Clooney leads by example and his acting shows experience. The director has mixed emotions at a very complex level. Emotions are what this movie concentrates on and they are portrayed differently. Sometimes you will be left wondering whether to laugh at Matt's situation or to even cry for him. There are scenes where Matt has to take many important decisions and most of those scenes are very touching.

Many scenic locations in Hawaii are shown and will make you want to visit them once. The background score is light Hawaiian Music and is good to hear for it matches well with the scenes.

Bottomline: Contrary to its title, this movie will ascend to being the best movie in the Oscars this year.

V. GIRIDHAR, Final Year, B.E. C.Sc., SRM Valliammai Engineering College