Has the recent spot-fixing scandal diminished our enthusiasm for the tournament? NXg asks a few of its readers…

No, I don’t think such scandals will stop people from watching IPL. Every event has positives and negatives and it is up to us to take the positives from everything. If scandals and corruption form one part of the event, then there is the other part, the cricket, which can never be erased. - Arjun Adithya, 19, Student

Of course not. Not even one per cent of my interest has decreased. Only a few were involved and scrapping the whole tournament or boycotting it is not the solution. I would always watch the game for its purity. - Adithya Shridharan, Vivekananda college

I have not stopped watching IPL and my opinion has not changed. Cricket is a gentleman’s game and it will always remain so. So, despite all these incidents, I will continue to watch the game. - Aravindh M., Mechanical Engineering Student

I have always not preferred this style of cricket where the corporates have a very strong say. This scandal did not surprise me. This is a big- money business and we are all humans. But of course, I won’t stop watching the IPL; I’ll watch it for the players. But I am worried that, in the coming years, the IPL might well replace the spirit of the sport with its corporate turnover. - Aadithya Chandrasekaran, 21, B.Com graduate

I believe that such things will happen as long as such individuals exist. If people had more integrity and morals, then this could have been easily avoided. Many other Rajasthan Royals players refused to go along with the bookies. If they could do it, why could’t the accused? - Nidheya Suresh, 19, Student

The recent scandal has not affected my interest in IPL. According to me, IPL is the biggest platform for Iyoung players to showcase their talents. Just because three players indulge in wrong activities does not mean we can blame the entire tournament. Such incidents occur due to the compromise of individual players’ integrity and the tournament can not be blamed for this. - Aishwarya Haridas, 21, Graduate

I have not stopped watching IPL because of the scandal. One or two players being involved in such activities does not mean that the entire tournament is fixed. I believe that both the BCCI and the ICC have zero tolerance towards corruption in cricket. They have to take stringent action to stop such malpractices in what is called the gentleman’s game. - Keerthana M. Sundaram, 19, M.O.P Vaishnav College for Women

i have not stopped watching IPL because in some way I expected this out of it. It always seemed more commercial than being sports-centric. - Parvathya Sripadhan, 20, B.A. Journalism, M.O.P Vaishnav College for Women

As told to Aishwarya Kumar