Movie: Snow White and the Huntsman

Cast: Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Sam Claflin…

A classic revamp of the much-cherished bedtime fable from the Grimm Brothers', this version is replete with beguiling fantasy and a plethora of heart-warping emotions. From the credits to curtain's down, the refurbished narrative sustains the pace of the plot and narrows down the tale and transforms the tale into a storyline fit for screen.

Modern twists

The basic plot is similar to the Brothers Grimm's tale and the milieu is truthful to the brothers' description complete with a grandiloquent castle too, though the film is interspersed with quite a few changes. The despicable step-mother craves for eternal beauty and consults the mirror for the verdict. The servile mirror meekly claims the heart of the fairest girl who happens to be the daughter of the former king and the girl is in solitary confinement.

The plot deviates from the well nown as Snow White breaks free from the queen's clutches and flees to the dark forest and is hemmed in by lurking dangers. A huntsman who is hired to kill her falters and protects her instead. Joining forces with the dwarves, the group fights the vile queen to claim victory.

The “Twilight" girl Kristen Stewart does a decent job. Charlize Theron as the malignant step-mother is the spine of the movie. Her razor-sharp claws and ersatz smirk of malevolence are a sure winner. The affable dwarves tread along the plot with fierce independence and resilience.

Visual rhapsody

The resplendent CG imaging fosters a new dimension to the reel. The vistas projected on the later half of the movie are worth a mention. Overall, the show has a dollop of all requisite elements.

Bottomline: We ask for apples and they give us swords. But Charlize Theron remains ‘the fairest of ‘em all'. Must watch for the computer generated look.

SAMYUKTHA R., Completed Std XII