It’s that time of year when the sun is beating down, and despite our best efforts, our hair and make-up just doesn’t seem to stay right. Don’t let the humidity and heat get you down! Whether you’re trying to impress with your style at a new job or sport a killer look at a fancy party, here are some tips that will be keep you looking fresh, fun and fantastic — even in the sun!

Perfectly Professional

The first rule of being a professional is to never go overboard on the make-up! You’ll want to keep your look natural, and this applies even for the stressful hot months. For starters, if you have medium to long hair, a ponytail is essential. If this is not your style, then try a half-up-half-down look by pulling the top-half of your hair into a small ponytail and leaving the rest loose. Another suitable sunny style is a side braid — it’s easy to jazz up this look by adding a thin ribbon of a different colour (a neutral colour like brown or cream is best for the office), and the same can be done for a high ponytail as well.

As for the make-up, keep the foundation and/or blush to a minimum — you’ll just sweat it off, and it’s not worth it to keep reapplying. Try on an eyeliner, to give your eyes some definition, and add a light-coloured lipstick or gloss. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can reach for a trendy lipstick, in a red or plum shade.

An additional tip: Keep soft tissues or wet wipes handy; it’ll help keep you refreshed through a hot day and ensure your make-up doesn’t become a soggy mess.


Glam Casual

‘Glam Casual’ is the term we’d use when you want to look fab, but you’re neither at a professional or formal setting, nor at an evening or party event. It might be for when you’re just hanging out with friends, or looking to grab a bite at a semi-fancy restaurant (think: Flying Elephant at the Park Hyatt). Now, traditional advice might tell you to ditch all make-up and go au natural, but we say that a little make-up never hurt anyone!

If you’re going to be in a warmer location, we’d recommend powdered foundation, to help absorb some of the sweat later on, and to give you a soft but complete look. Add on a hint of eyeliner or kajal as necessary, and finish with a swipe of pastel-coloured gloss. On the other hand, if you’re going to be in an air-conditioned place, then your make-up will need to be able to handle this change in temperature. We suggest skipping any base and just heading straight for the add-on’s like liner and lipstick. This will ensure that your look won’t appear so dried out.

For the hair — keep it simple! Now that your make-up’s a 10, all you need is a quick wash and blow-dry (best done at home, but make sure your drier is not damaging your hair) to give your hair some bounce and volume.


Party Rock

You’ve found that gorgeous new dress to wear to your friend’s party, and all you need now is to find some glam make-up to complete the look. You may reach towards your eye-shadow, but remember the neon-coloured and glittered eye-make-up trends of the winter are long gone. With the sweaty weather, you will need to keep the flashy eye-make-up to a minimum. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little colour to your palette — we suggest you try a dark-coloured eyeliner and/or mascara. Navy blues and haute greens work best with dresses and saris, but a brown will do if you want to keep the look more neutral.

Now, onto the hair — we’d definitely recommend an up-do in these humid times! Not only will it leave your neck open, helping to keep you cool on a warm summer night, but it can add some “fabulous” to your outfit. A messy bun is very in this season, so pair the look with a casual dress or slightly jazzed-up kurta. If you’re going for a more decked-up event, try a tightly wound bun with a few strands to highlight your face and neck.


Quick Tips

The heat brings along its own set of make-up problems. Here are some quick-fixes to ensure that your day or night is not spoiled by the humidity!

For uneven patches:Using your fingers, dab a mousse-based foundation or blush in a slightly lighter and pinker colour than your usual on the apples of your cheeks, under your eyes, and on your neck (the usual shiny spots!).

To avoid raccoon-eyes: Instead of reaching for your usual kohl or kajal, try a water-proof liquid liner instead. They are much more sweat-resistant than your typical crayon or eye pencil, and therefore stay put just the way you want them for up to six to eight hours, even in the blistering heat! For best results, make sure the liner is completely dry before heading out or applying any more make-up.

For strays and cowlicks: Summer is that time when your hair, absorbing the moisture in the air, decides to act up. Well, no worries. Instead of settling it down with heavy amounts of hairspray (which are not only bad for your hair long-term, but are also terrible for the environment!), try a dry shampoo every two to three days to get out the grease. For a quick fix to a stray, grab the tiniest amount of gel, rub in your palms to warm up, and smooth down hair.


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