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Updated: December 11, 2013 17:26 IST
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Slow down

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Always in a hurry to grow up. Photo: P. V. Sivakumar
The Hindu
Always in a hurry to grow up. Photo: P. V. Sivakumar

Why are we in a hurry to grow up?

When we are innocent and young, we cannot wait to grow up, become adults and enjoy the supposedly “real” joys of life. But, when that transition finally happens and we are in our late teens, we yearn for childhood again.

We want to believe in our wildest dreams and fantasies and stay far away from reality. We want to live in that world where going to school was the biggest problem and a little bruise in the leg would get us chocolates from dad and hugs from mom.

When we were kids, we never worried about how we looked or who looked at us that day. Fights between friends were resolved within seconds and boys and girls would enjoy each other’s company without any awkwardness. Life used to be simple and devoid of confusion and silly feelings. Depressions were unheard of and a single word had a single meaning. The phrase “being cool” only referred to the temperature and a nerd was usually the most popular one in class!

Maybe it is human tendency that makes us desire for things that are beyond our control. As we grow up, we finally realise that ignorance is truly bliss. The absolute beauty of life can be appreciated to the fullest only as a child.

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Awesome! made my eyes moist reading it. Thanks!

from:  Sekhar Ganpathy
Posted on: Dec 12, 2013 at 10:12 IST
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