Virtual takes the lead when it comes to shopping these days. Hazeeda Vijayakumar talks to a few nextgen-ers to find out what they shop for online…

I shop online for sneakers, gaming CDs and computer peripherals. It’s simple, hassle-free, shows the best bargains, gives user feedback and there is easy product comparison. Most sites offer replacements if the product is not up to standard. I would like more international hair products to be available in the Indian market as buying from the parent company site is pretty expensive.

Vaisakh Ramachandran, 25, ICICI

With online shopping, there is no need to go out. I can browse through products that I want without having to listen to pesky salesmen for advice. Prices can be compared side by side and damaged goods can easily be replaced. You don’t even have to go to the store for that. You can read review and view ratings while e-shopping. There is also an option where you can give a different delivery and billing address, so gifting stuff across cities is easy. You pay, they deliver.

Uday Grewal, 18, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

I shop online frequently. I shop mostly for books, electronic accessories and dresses. I find it easy and convenient. It saves money and time as products listed online are cheaper than what is available at the store and you can do it sitting at home. My favourite website is Flipkart and I just love the time of a sale!

Mina Jeevan, 23, NIT graduate

Clothes and shoes need to be tried on. So I have bought only electronic accessories. Products can easily be compared and they will deliver right at our doorstep. E-shopping saves a lot of time. For me, that’s the plus point. You can wrap up shopping in a few minutes and get to doing other things. I don’t think daily provisions are available online. That option would be welcome.

Deepak Sasidharan, 25, Tata Consultancy Services

There are a variety of websites and you can buy from as many brands as you wish. I usually shop for clothes and electronic accessories. Online shopping is comparatively cheaper and the cash-on-delivery option is safer. There is also the added advantage of comparing products and its features. Most sites offer a gifting service as well, which is convenient if you want to gift someone in another city. I once gifted a live plant to a friend. That is quite unique considering you can’t courier it yourself!

Reshma Habeeb, 24, Larsen & Toubro

I mainly indulge in online shopping because it saves money and time. With a regular nine to five job, I get to spend less time for shopping. But I can shop while I’m working even. There is a wide range of products and brands to choose from. There is even a try-at-home option, but I haven’t tried that yet. When it comes to buying clothes and shoes, you need to be sure of your size. I’ve bought stuff in the wrong size a couple of times though and I’ve become more careful now. It can become an addiction, so you need to have some control over it. It’s kind of like Aladdin’s magic lamp — you get what you wish for!

Pallavi Sarkar, 24, NTPC

Whatever is available in the stores can be easily purchased online. And shopping takes up a lot of your time and effort. Half of it is spent on travelling to the shops and if the product you have in mind isn’t available, you’ve just spent a considerable part of your day on nothing. Online shopping reduces that possibility. I usually buy stuff like memory cards and earphones which are offered at great discounts. Also I buy books based on the user reviews given. I wish that liquor would be sold online! But I don’t know how feasible that would be. I suppose purchase and delivery of perishables on the same day would be good idea.

Ajai Raghavan, 23, iGate

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