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Updated: February 13, 2013 19:11 IST

Seasonal worries

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Rainy woes: Just one of the many things we lament about. Photo: Ranjeet Kumar
The Hindu Rainy woes: Just one of the many things we lament about. Photo: Ranjeet Kumar

Why do we raise one question after another without waiting for answers?

Chennai is known for its tolerance. Here’s an example to support that statement. Schools declare a holiday, children enjoy, power shut down and people shut in. All news channels and drenched newspapers speak frequently about the troubles that people face during a heavy down pour. It is a time when the grimy puddles of water make us fold our pants up. Folks lament if it rains heavily and mourn when it doesn’t. The lamenting is because of the potholed roads, bad drainage system, sewage problem and diseases that the rain invites. Though we have a brief rainy season we do not get to enjoy it and we can’t.

I have heard people speaking only about the rain and its after effects, how the government must maintain the roads, how a corporation must work, how mosquitoes can be eradicated, what are the precautions to be made before rainy season and so on. But after those days of heavy rains the same people who spoke like politicians carry on with their own routine life as if they never remember what they suffered the previous day.

Every one disregards what they were troubled about and continue with their habitual life. Even the government does. And the mass media that was highlighting the problems move on to something new. We forget things so quickly without claiming a remedy for it. We raise a question but go on to the next one even before we arrive at a concrete answer for the first, which results in the recurrence of the same crisis. Why does this situation sustain? Are we suffering from some memory disease or have we got other things to worry about?

S.G. SANDHYA, III Year, B.A.English, Anna Adarsh College for Women

Keywords: human interest

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