Why are internships imperative to one’s academic and career growth? Malavika Jaggi has the answer.

‘What you make of your life tomorrow depends on today’s planning.’ In today’s competitive corporate world, carving a place of your own is not an easy task.

Landing a good job is more than a day’s toil — especially for college students. Spending weeks on scouring online job portals and polishing cover letter often renders no result at all. What they actually need to do is, get an internship!

Routine or rule-breaking

It can be quite a dilemma while selecting internships. Students or interns are often put under tremendous internal and external pressure while taking up an internship. It is often said that one should follow one’s own path of study, however at times even a non-conventional internship has proved to be beneficial.

The attitude to learn and do something different always proves to be a boon. After all, innovation never came out of convention.

Internships offer great opportunity for students to follow their passion and get real-world experience. It is the best time to build industry relations which can last a lifetime. The exposure to the corporate world enables interns to identify one’s own strength. It is during internships that students learn a lot about organisational functioning and team work, among other things. The seeds for a successful career are sown during this phase.

Global exposure

Today’s interns are looking for global opportunities and try their hands at various jobs. Educational institutes and organisations are actively professing cross-cultural internship, as this is valuable in creating a global work culture.

HelloIntern.com’s Global Internship Program serves this need. It enables a foreign and an Indian intern to pair-up and work on a challenging project in an Indian company. Such programmes help interns to experience the global work culture, and develop them into better professionals for the global village.

So set your goals and make your internship a stepping stone for your career growth.

The author is Lead, Business Development at HelloIntern.com