With the death of 19-year-old Ayazuddin, the spotlight returns to the issue of racing on the streets. Professional racing is okay, so confine racing ambitions to the tracks.

Motor vehicle racing is the art of handling vehicles at high speed. Not every vehicle is meant for racing neither nor is it tough to handle a vehicle at high speed, provided the person follows correct precautions and procedures, uses the correct gear properly and knows how the vehicle responds at different speeds and terrains.


Not all vehicles are suitable for every terrain or situation. Choose the vehicle on the basis of the type of race you are competing in. This helps in terms of insurance and financial issues if you do not have a sponsor

Today, everyone on the street feels that one can become a racer just by tackling city traffic or riding fast in city traffic. That is foolish; you put yourself and others in danger.

Those who aspire to become a race will always practise in controlled environment and under professional supervision so that any mishap — technical or personal — is taken care immediately. They will practise and race only with proper safety gear and a race certified helmet.

Exercise caution

Coming to how to prepare yourself as a racer: Make sure you have the national general driving license. Then, as always, and as everywhere, safety first. So, choose the suitable and certified protective gear. Start from collecting the basics — helmets, jackets, gloves, racing pants and shoes.

Decide on a motor vehicle you will be racing on, and make sure you have mastered it for a while. Make sure you have a very reliable vehicle technician who can help you out anywhere anytime. Next up, get yourself trained with a certified racing training team. Once you are well trained and certified, you need to have a racing license which will usually have validity for only the competition period.

Make sure that you do all the racing in the track and no speeding on the public roads! You need to be a racer on the track and not on the public roads. When you come to the latter, make sure you follow the road rules and wear a helmet everywhere you ride.

Another major requirement is funding the whole racing project, so be prepared to spend lots money if you are sponsoring yourself. If you have a sponsor then you have to spend less from your pocket but, remember, you owe him a splendid performance.

Stay safe

In short, here's what you need to keep in mind before hitting the speedometer.

Safety gear and safety precautions are the most important.

Follow the common road rules, don't race on roads – no one is going to reward you for racing on roads, you will only end up paying fines and bills. Road rules are framed to provide safety for all on roads, so it is wise for everyone to follow it rather than act smart to break it.

Racing is to be done only under controlled environment locations and only under professional supervision. Racing elsewhere puts you and others in danger – think about the loved ones back at home, they are eagerly waiting for them.

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Choose your rideSeptember 21, 2011

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