It was 3 p.m and I jumped out of my classroom to fight and find a seat in my college bus.

A window seat indeed! to look around at almost the same stuff everyday, but with a different thought each day. This day was no exception. Avoiding the usual buildings, hoardings, petty shops and bus stops my eyes were all on the two-wheelers.


My quick two-minute survey to find the number of ‘helmeted' two-wheelers gave a surprise figure.

Finally people are ready to give an ear towards safer riding; to understand the complexities of ‘ helmet-less' riding; to put that helmet over their head rather than being webbed by a spider at their home.

Something the traffic authorities would relish. Yet, as always, mine was not a ‘ten upon ten' survey. There were still some defaulters who feel that their cranium is much stronger than any branded helmet. They can line up infinite reasons against wearing a helmet.

Obviously bulky, anti human-friendly, importable etc. What they exactly need is a simple ‘size-zero' helmet.


Let me put it simply for all those defaulters. The television that we use, about a decade back, was just a big box. But today a lot of exercise has lead to ‘slimmer' LCD or plasma type T.V. Need another one?

How many of us knew that the washing machines might one day do the entire washing process? Soak, wash, rinse and dry!

I think the next generation machine will by itself fold the clothes and stack it onto the rack. Not yet satisfied? Here come mobile phones which previously were just connecting people.

But now it is connecting the world. So, the inference, ‘Change is not a step, rather a process'.

If peoples' next attraction is on helmet then do you think the manufacturers will leave it untouched? So, start wearing it and also give some time for the manufacturers. After all, ‘Hel(l)met' is one thing which has been intelligently named.

Geethanjali has done her Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 2009 Batch.

Keywords: helmettwo-wheelerssafety