Get creative with your garbage and work together for a greener environment.

My house is situated near a corner, where people in our street dump their garbage. My neighbours and people from nearby would also come at night to throw their garbage and sometimes, it would fall inside our compound. The waste is cleared by the corporation once a week. Initially, I had hung a board outside warning people not to throw the waste. But it didn’t work and people continued to throw what were used medicines bottles, plastic and other such things.

I have started segregating waste in my household. I did some research and learnt about composting and use the organic waste for my garden plants. As I am interested in crafts, I use plastic bottles to hang small plants such as money plant, table rose, and decorate them. I make plastic purses and other fun things from plastic. Now, my neighbours also have followed my example. The need of the hour is to create and maintain a greener environment.

Vinutha is a II year MBA student at VIT University.

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