Victory of passion

The glorious moment that the Indians wanted to relive happened after 28 years. It was a fabulous victory that proved hard work always pays. It was a team effort in which India performed to its fullest in spite of the challenges. The team spirit was seen in every moment of the game. Loss of the first two wickets put India in a difficult position. The batsmen exhibited a great partnership and strived to make the “cup that counts” theirs. When our skipper hit the final six and led India to its brilliant win, the whole audience jumped up in joy!

The victory for which they were waiting was theirs. A point that added to the joy was that achieving the title “World champions” was not very easy. we had faced the last World Cup champion Australia in quarter finals and Pakistan in semi-finals which, in itself, was a challenge, and finalists Sri Lanka, whom we beat to make the title ours have been previous finalists, showing a really tough performance which proves the worth of the achievement. The team showed their respect to the master blaster by carrying him round the ground on their shoulders. They dedicated their victory to him which was really appreciable. Many players were in tears of happiness. Whole India is celebrating the “men in blue”. This day will be written not only in history but in the minds of the millions of cricket fans all over India.

S.Neaba,III year ECE, Sri Ramanujar Engineering College, Kolappakkam.

Bleeding blue

When Dhoni delivered a booming six over point. An improvised version of his wristy Copter shot. He was driven by that Dream BOOM went the ball over long on. That was it – the moment 1.2 billion Indians waited for over 28 years. Emotions ran high all across the nation. A 38 year old ran into the ground jumping and hopping. The aggressive Surd in Haerbhajan {lsquo}Bhajji' Singh cried like a two-year-old. Fifteen men who bled blue for the past 43 days hugged each other. The crowd roared – India ..Sachin!! This was it. The final frontier some may say, but this was more than a match. This was more than a contest. It was a Dream.

Indians all across the world were bleeding blue. Forget the elections, forget the scams, forget the controversies, forget the troubles and forget the corruptions. The nation celebrated together. member of the 1983 winning team – Ravi Shastri, knew he couldn't delay the inevitable. He couldn't stop destiny. “I won't stop you one second more. The cup is yours” he announced to roaring cheers from the crowd. Dhoni went up to the stage, where the ICC president Sharad Pawar was waiting with the cup – the cup that counts. This frame will be played on forever, and believe me no one will get tired. Dhoni lifted the cup high amid fireworks, champagne and millions of bits of paper. Everyone wanted to be a part of this dream. The dream is now a reality!

Neelesh Balakrishnan,Rajalakshmi Engineering College.

Success secrets

This World Cup was the one with an Asian flavour. On April 2, IT happened. Celebrations continued on April 3 , and will continue till the sky remains BLUE! India played like Champions. Here are the reasons why we were destined to win: Forget the tie, the loss.. When it matters the most the men who matter take centre stage. This World Cup triumph is one to cherish for the Youngisthan, The Parrrrrrrs and the billions who BLEED BLUE. Its high time blood can change its color now.India, had a lot going into this tournament and when they met Australia, Pakistan and Sri-Lanka for finals, It was nothing less than a well written script by fate and destiny and in the end poetic justice prevailed!

Beating Australia in Quarter Final: It happened on March 23 . Eight years ago, the very same day when a billion hopes were shattered and so did Sourav and co's bedroom windows, a unprecedented gloom sank India. But beating them comprehensively on 24/3/2011, showing them the exit door boldly and ending their reign as world champions and domination, opened doors for a special tournament.

Meeting Pakistan In semi final: Pakistan again in a World Cup. Done and dusted. 4-0 just became 5-0. The result was evident thanks to history. Thanks to Misbah, you won yourself a billion admirers. Consistent against us in finals. Keep up the good work.

Meeting Sri-Lanka in finals: You Lankans had quite a tournament but you ran into Dhoni and his men! Playing all games at home, maybe they made a mistake. Lankans, you do roar at home, but purred against us. This was long coming. It made a perfect finale. Revenge for 1996 World Cup Semi-Final. It surely is best, when served cold on a platter with the Golden garnishing.

Poetic justice: How many times have we seen this happen!? The 1996 World cup semi finals was a fiasco. India fell like nine pins that night, but we made sure we did not repeat the same mistake again. We have been hell bent on seeking redemption. 1999 World Cup at Taunton was the starters. 2003 World Cup drubbing was the main course and 2011 finals is the dessert.

Santhakumaran Sreesanth– “The lucky charm”: His hair has grown since February 19th when he last played for India. It was a gamble taken and it paid off. He was called as a replacement for Praveen Kumar at the last minute before the World Cup started. He is indeed the good luck charm for India, atleast under Dhoni, in big finals, and He did live upto the expectations and definitely did not surpass it. MS Dhoni promoting himself up the order: Love him, hate him but you cannot debate or doubt M.S.Dhoni's man managerial skills, efficiency, guts, boldness, calm composure and cool demeanour. He jumps when he cuts, The “Helicopter shot” is not a classical cricket display etc. so what!? It is the era of the unorthodox and the deviation from conventional things. He scores runs at crucial times. What more should a batsman do!? He sweats not because of humidity or temperature. It is the pressure he has soaked himself in. He has done it for Chennai Super Kings against Kings XI Punjab in 2010 IPL ( who will forget the heave and the punch on the grill of his helmet.).

What Kapil Dev did in 1983 against Zimbabwe, Dhoni pulls of an encore 28 years later. 175* is no way near 91* but the finals pressure and stage to deliver makes it one of the best. Perfect foil for Captain Marvel to answer the critics.

Back in 1983, we stopped the West Indies under Clive Lloyd, winning their third consecutive World Cup trophy. With Ricky Ponting looking to repeat the same, he ran into India. If at all there is a show stopper or a juggernaut jolter, it is India. Been there, done it TWICE.

The Calender of 1983 is the same as that of 2011.

Person X : "Hey!? Do you believe this. Be practical da"

Person Y: Yeah da.. It all adds to possibility of us winning. So, the pattern of the year worked in our favor indeed

The ‘3' factor: It was India's third World Cup Finals, having lost to Sri Lanka two times before in World cups. Not gonna make it three because Indians are the “Three Time luckys”. We own three.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar- destiny's favorite child: Playing his 6th ( maybe the final World Cup) was to get a taste of being on the winning side in a World Cup. He was twice close in the past. There can never be a possibility, of any player playing seven World Cups ( 4 x 7 = 28 years) 28 years in international cricket is quite impossible. So it was fate that Sachin should walk home with the World C up and win it in front of his home crowd.

Last but not the least. The billion prayers, s billion hopes, Asbillions' dream. The blue era has just begun.

Ashwath Ram G., IIIyear, Biotechnology, St. Joseph's College of Engineering.

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