It’s not just us who are affected by the relentless heat. Take a look around you...

Every summer we are left perennially sweating in the sweltering heat of Chennai. We have our accessories to protect us from the harsh sun — sunglasses, sunscreens, tender coconuts, melons and, most important of all, water.

But have we given a thought as to what the animals that are equally affected by the hot weather do? In the absence of water to drink many birds especially smaller ones like sparrows die of dehydration.

Fill a bowl with water and place it outside in the balcony or terrace for the benefit of the animals. Do remember to replace the water as and when it gets used up or evaporated in the summer heat. You’d be amazed to see how many birds make it a habit to stop by ever yday.

So the next time you quench your thirst with a cool glass of water, spare some for the birds, dogs and cats in your locality. Indulging in such small acts of kindness which cost nothing and take up very little of our time goes a long way in protecting our fragile ecosystem.

Karthik is a Std XII student at Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School.

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