These youngsters add to the long-running global debate: real books or touchscreen texts?

I like the fact that there are no physical pages involved. Hence no trees are needed to make an online book

VISHNU REDDY, Viscom Graduate

What I enjoy the most is that I can read as many books and magazines as I like without cluttering my table! Apart from that, the ability to access them from anywhere makes things really convenient.

PRIYANKA SHETTY, Founder of Whats The Scene

In this age of e-learning, online books make quoting references easier and you have access to thousands of books right from wherever you are. I think online reading and products like Kindle are a revolution by itself. And, it saves paper!

POOJA KUMAR, Journalism Graduate, M.O.P Vaishnav College For Women

I have about 2000 books in my mobile and tablet. It saves a lot of space and, of course, a lot of money and trees too!

VIJAYAKUMAR SEKAR, Project Manager with Jouve

Online reading is “on the go”. I like it because it’s quick and literally in your hands with all the smartphones.

ISHA SHARMA, Asian College of Journalism

I don’t really have a problem with small articles online, but if it’s a book, I’d prefer to have a hard copy because I like the feel of holding a book and reading it.

SWETHA JOYSON, Freelance Photographer

I prefer the physical book from force of habit and the fact that I need to read for an hour before I sleep. Also, I think a book is to have and to hold. It’s like, I prefer a wife or a girlfriend to a robot!

SAMUEL EDDY, Founder/Curator at Sam Global

The current trend of e-reading has led to a decrease in the average amount of time spent on a piece of writing. Long, detailed, well-researched articles rarely find takers anymore, and sensationalism has become the name of the game.

PAVAN MADHINI, Associate Producer at Zynga

What I don’t like about online reading (long reads, eBooks and eZines) is that there is no sense of immersion. I like the slight crackle of a page turning, the smell of old pages and new. I know it might seem superficial for a lot of people, but for me, it’s elemental.

ASHWATH NAIR, Narrative Designer at Dhruva Interactive

Although we have tech toys like the Kindle which uses e-ink so that it looks and reads like real paper, I surely do not get the same feeling as I do from reading an actual, tangible book. Also, you never have to recharge a book and are definitely more durable than all the electronics out there.


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