DiRT 3 is packed with more races, more cars and more excitement.

DiRT 3 is a rallying video game and the third in the Dirt series of the Colin McRae Rally Series developed and published by CODEMASTERS. However, the “Colin McRae” tag has been completely removed from this.

The first thing you notice when you look under this game's hood is its variety. Similar to the previous edition, it is not just about rally experience anymore. There are now more types of vehicles, including buggies, in a plethora of events.

The campaign is separated into four seasons, each with four championships of several races. Unlike its predecessor, each season has a mandatory final that must be completed (with a top three finish) in order to advance to the next season.


DiRT 3 adds two new racing modes. The old options are all here: traditional rally (the focus of the game), trailblazer, rallycross, raid, and landrush. New are the head-to-head mode, where competitors race on adjacent tracks, and the gymkhana stunt mode.

In gymkhana, you perform tricks in an arena setting to earn points: spins, smash blocks, jumps, drifting, and donuts. It requires a lot of finesse and, subsequently, is quite difficult. Each new race is preceded by a boring, lengthy introduction that can't be skipped.

DiRT 3 features over 50 cars spread across 14 classes. This time around, there are more rally cars from many time periods: the 60's, 70's, 80's, the infamous Group B, 90's, Rally America, Super 2000, and current WRC models. You also get SUVs for raid races and buggies and trophy trucks for landrush mode.

In DiRT 3, you don't have to buy your cars anymore: instead, you earn them automatically with experience. In fact, the more recent additions always award more experience for side missions during races, so there's no reason to pick any older models

The game has excellent graphics; covering picturesque locales and has an exhilarating sense of speed. The game feels natural and well suited to the style of gaming.

Talking about the online multiplayer experience, it is the best till date. But somehow the game doesn't make you feel it is new. It's more like an annual sports game than a true sequel.

If you are a total racing freak then you can pay Rs.699 and rally ahead!

GAURAV DANGI, III Year, B.Tech Nanotechnology, SRM University