Why we need to revamp our education system.

“Why is Std XII so imperative in determining my future?,” asks a perplexed student who has just completed the Herculean task of giving her Std XII board exams: me! This is the time when the private coaching institutes start enticing students. A time when peers and acquaintances start getting nosy when results are declared, but actually don’t even care enough to greet you on birthdays.

I deeply regret that our education system does not help students out with their career choices. Std. XII usually holds great importance because it sums up 15 years of schooling. But it is starting to feel more like a pressure cooker. Students who usually don’t do well in the early years of schooling start preparing full swing just as they enter Std XII. And tuitions are now pivotal in helping you achieve good ranks even if you don’t deserve them. Moreover, time is so crucial that they start scheduling time for eating too.

And then the exam dates get declared. Students reproduce stuff from books they have been reading. Next is vacation time when the kids are supposed to be on holiday; instead they start stalking colleges for admission. Results are declared and hopes shattered. The story doesn’t end here.

Why can’t there be a revision in the system? Why can’t we decide our futures earlier at or around the age of 15 with the help of the school? Why shouldn’t we debate the different courses and careers before Std. XII? There is a lack of intensive career counselling for students. They need to be made aware of the different career much earlier. People mistake dreams for their career and education helps with neither. Education has become all about making money.

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