Well this one is about dreams, not just mine; it's about the dreams of the average Homo sapien. All of us have had dreams, either realistic or unrealistic. We all love to dream, it's like a passport to utopia with zero restrictions!

The vision

The most fantastic dream would be the one I had last night. It started of like any other, a lot of friends around chatting and having fun. Then all of a sudden there was a thud on the drive-way and we went over to see what was happening, we were pinching ourselves, it was the late Beatles lead singer John Lennon!

He was standing a few feet away and I couldn't feel my feet at all; breathless, speechless and all those adjectives couldn't describe what I was going through. He came up to us and with his trademark clear yet husky voice asked us how you get to Liverpool from here. As we were all still speechless and were staring at him as if we were zombies, it took us a long time to respond. Then we explained to him that he was in India and he would have to catch a flight or a ship to get back to the British Isles.

When life stopped

He was amused, and confused to say the least, while we were still pinching ourselves. We managed to get him on the quickest flight to London, but before he left all of us wanted him to sing to us and being the wonderful gentlemen he is, he agreed. So outside the airport he took an old strummed out guitar and started singing the irresistible single ‘Imagine'. Life stopped for three minutes at the airport as everyone was listening to this genius at work. It reminded all of us to get a newer, better perspective of life, without wars or partition but with peace and harmonyIt was time for his flight now, we exchanged hugs and he left for the gate.

As he walked into the shaft and hopped into the plane, I just couldn't help but be star-struck and paralyzed in awe by the genius of JOHN LENNON!

It's just astonishing how one song, one person could create so much meaning, significance and love among people. I heard a loud siren that whacked me out of the peace and harmony . It was the alarm clock. It was time for college. Another day to try and make an impact, till then happy dreaming.

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