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Post-apocalyptic adventure

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Resist by Sarah Crossan
Resist by Sarah Crossan

Sarah Crossan’s Resist narrates the story of Quinn, Alina and Bea’s survival in a post-apocalypse world without air. DEEPTHA SREEDHAR

Books in Apocalypse genre provide gory, unnatural and dull description of the situation.

The sequel to Sarah Crossan’s Breathe, Resist stands out in this genre and makes for a decent read for non-apocalypse genre readers and an excellent one for zombie/apocalypse lovers.


The story begins from the climax of Breathe where the teens Alina, Quinn, Bea, Silas, Maude, Dorian and Bruce set out on a journey from the pod, the last glass dome that protects what is left of humanity.

Exiled from pod after a huge riot, the seven teens split in their quest to reach Sequoia, the only other refugee camp for those in exile.

Meanwhile, the Ministry plans to eradicate all the resistance members who retaliate against the government.

Sequoia proves to be very difficult a place to survive in with strict regimes proposed and forced by Vanya who runs the place. Led by Abel, another survivor from the pod, the teens escape the clutches of Vanya and join Bea, who along with Ronan Knavery (son of deceased pod minister), gather auxiliaries to plan a revolt and battle against the ministry and the Sequoians. Hell breaks loose when the escapists are caught by the ministry and Vanya. The rest of the story is how the resistance members fight them and set up a habitable world against odds.

Simple read

The book’s strength is its narration that is done in multiple points-of view.

Crossan’s writing is simple and precise with crisp chapters. She takes time to establish her characters with detailed descriptions, which seem like an over-dose.

But the author fails to cover all details and give an answer in the climax to all the characters that she elaborately describes initially.

Resist makes for a ‘compelling’ read for book lovers who hate to abandon reading a book halfway but is not worthy of being the grand-finale for a series.

Title: Resist

Author: Sarah Crossan

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Price: Rs. 399

Keywords: Sarah CrossanResist

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