Gamefreak recently launched two super cool Pokemon games for the Nintendo DS, namely Heart Gold and Soul Silver. This new version of Pokemon is great! When compared to the predecessors, graphics shows a big improvement. Basically, Pokemon HG and SS are remakes of the older versions.

Walk along

The additional device included along with the game is the Pokewalker. In the game you gotta walk your Pokemon to keep them fit and happy. Pokewalker is useful when you are not playing your game or going outside without the DS. Pokewalker keeps track of your footsteps which can be fed back again to the DS and the console imports the data to the game. You can now hang around the place with any one of your Pokemon following behind you, which hasn't been included in the Pokemon series after Pokemon Yellow. The cities look great with 3D buildings and lots of stuff to do other than Pokemon battles. Coming to the story part, its is always the same — catch Pokemon, battle Trainers and defeat Gym Leaders

Now for the bad part — the story for the Pokemon games are always the same and monotonous. The motto is always the same “Gotta catch em all!” and fill your Pokedex. The battle experience has never been changed from the beginning of Pokemon series. On the whole, Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver are great games with improvised graphics and extra stuff like Pokewalker is enough to make you jump in for an adventure of Pokemon...

SHASHANK M., Std VIII, S.B.O.A School and Junior College

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