It is 1:41 a.m. It’s dark and quiet outside and even the cat is sleeping. And all I’m thinking is that it’s not too late. You might think it’s a little strange, but I should tell you that I’m a college student. Now you know why I stay up so late. You’re probably nodding your head knowingly because I have assignments to do, record work to finish and a test for which I have to cram. If you’re an adult, you’re probably thinking disapprovingly, “Last minute work. Tut-tut.” Guilty as charged.

But I’m questioning the reason for and outcome of my staying up late: the fact that I have to do these things in the first place. I engage in this process where I search on Google my exact assignment topic, word for word. In 0.46 seconds, I am provided with a page full of results. Then, it is a simple matter to copy and paste information that I don’t bother to even read completely. I don’t even need to concentrate. That’s how much practice I’ve had doing it and before I know it, it’s done. I’ve been careful not to take the first few lines of my assignment right off Wikipedia. I don’t know why I take this precaution. It’s not like anyone really reads through my assignment anyway.

After finishing the assignments, I start on record work. I arm myself with tracing paper and draw the diagram, perfect to the dot. I pull out my notes, and memorise anything that could be used against me in the form of a 20-mark question. Being fairly satisfied and trusting in my ability to make up cool sounding stuff on the spot, I go to bed. The time is close to sunrise.

What have I learnt? I am lost.

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