Writing a letter is more personal that typing one…

Recently, I was greatly overjoyed to receive a letter. Not just any letter, but a beautiful, handwritten letter from a friend who stays far away. Right from tearing open the envelope and unfolding the neat creases, to reading those lovely words, the experience was totally worth it, especially in this digital era.

Now is the time when even nanoseconds matter making a printed draft more efficient and accurate. However, a beautiful art such as letter writing must never be forgotten. It is never boring as it is a perfect form of true expression. As primary students we were encouraged to write letters to our classmates as part of our summer projects. But now things have changed and we fail to recognise the fun and enjoyment in such tasks. One must always remember that letter writing holds its own significance. Personal letters of Gandhiji and Nehru are now a part of our history and have also become a part of the curricula! The time and effort spent in writing a letter in one’s personal way makes the one receiving it feel special. And the letter becomes as dear as a greeting.

So the next time you sit down to type a letter to your dear one, think about writing it instead. After all, all it takes is a paper and a pen and a little bit of patience.

The writer is a student of class IX, Kendriya Vidyalaya, IIT-M

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