Adam Purvis believes that young entrepreneurs don’t always work with a profit-driven agenda. Four summits down, Power of Youth has only grown stronger.

Some would say that Adam Purvis was working on too idealistic a model when he started the Power of Youth. Today, four annual summits down, this network of young, dynamic entrepreneurs has only grown stronger. Adam believes that young entrepreneurs don't always work with only a profit-driven agenda.

The idea was to bring them together, away from their businesses and let them rediscover themselves and remind them of why they started their businesses in the first place. Young Entrepreneurs who have proven their ability to create businesses of scale are perfect role models for their peers for two important reasons. In a world where business is the most powerful tool for change, these people have mastered the ability to harness these tools and represent role models who are doers and not just talkers for a generation which is disillusioned with the power of politics to bring about the swift change that they feel is so strongly needed.

Moreover, this generation needs role models they can relate to. So, by working strictly with good human beings, who have built successful businesses because they give unconditionally and understand the ripple effect of their actions, Power of Youth is striving to tell the story of a group of leaders that our generation respects and wants to follow.

The first truly global generation need leaders, who think globally, think long-term and are committed to leaving this world in a much better state than when they found it. Over the past four years of running summits, bringing together some of the most successful young entrepreneurs from all over the world, we have noticed that those who are the most successful are driven by a much deeper passion than making money. Even in emerging economies we are finding entrepreneurs who, by choosing to follow their hearts, are building businesses that allow them to thrive both financially and personally, because they are bringing what resonates most deeply with them to where it is most needed. In a country like India, we found dynamic professionals who have managed to set up businesses despite various obstacles. The idea is to provide them with a ready and stable network of both international and Indian entrepreneurs like them.

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