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Updated: February 27, 2013 18:25 IST

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Take care of older people. Photo:N. Sridharan.
The Hindu Take care of older people. Photo:N. Sridharan.

Woes that come with age…

One Sunday morning as I came out of my house to get into my car, I saw an old man with shabby and torn clothes standing near my car. I noticed that he had only one hand. Just as I was wondering what he was doing there he told me that he was famished and wanted some food. But what amazed me was he refused to accept the ten-rupee note I was slipping into his hand. He stated clearly that he would not take the money without doing something in return and insisted on washing my car.

The look in his eyes meant he was serious and I allowed him to clean the car. On asking him why he wanted work and earn he narrated how his only son for whom he had provided everything has sent him out of the house. His daughter-in-law found it difficult to live with him and also took away his house. He also added that he will not seek any legal help against his son and daughter-in-law, because he wants them to be happy always. And thus began his tryst with work all over again with just one hand. While he had cleaned the car and I gave him Rs.50 for his breakfast. I saw him smiling as he said thank you. I asked him to come every Sunday and clean the but he replied that he was a wanderer and he had no idea whether he would be alive tomorrow, so he could not promise. This incident affected me profoundly and I decided to keep my parents happy throughout their life. I would also request all young people to keep their parents with them in their old age and not in old age homes. 

VIGESH MARCUS. J, Gurukul Lutheran Theological College

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It is totally unbelievable that children can treat their parents in such
manner! My heart goes out to the father who had to face such anguish.

from:  Surbhi
Posted on: Mar 1, 2013 at 16:21 IST
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