The difficulties of having large feet…

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. While the initiation is as simple as standing up, the long road that lies ahead involves a lot of wear and tear. And that’s where my life becomes a little bit complicated — choosing a good pair of footwear.

You might wonder what could the difficulty be given the choice of shoes and slippers on display in the shops? That’s where genetics plays a really crucial role; being born into a family of unbelievably tall people does have some serious drawbacks!

You are gifted with really long feet and to top it, Karma has sent its additional curse of making it broad. The sheer terror and the nightmare I face when I walk into a shoe shop is like a ghost story kids tell to scare the hell out of each other during camp or sleepover nights.

So with a little confidence, I enter into a footwear shop in my locality. I ask the sales person to show me any model I can try out. I did seem very desperate given the fact that for the last two years, a unisex model is all that I could wear. The salesperson smiles looking at my feet and says, “Madam would you like to check out the men’s section? I’m sure there might be a couple of them which will fit you.”

Dear cobblers and shoe manufacturers, I have a sincere request. Since I belong to the tiny group of people with big-broad feet, please help us out. We do leave behind, literally, bigger and noticeable footprints in the sand.

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