Heard of a website that will search the college that you should opt for? Yo! Padipps does!

Yo! Padipps… as the name suggests in literal Tamil (addressing the very studious community), brings a student into the world of higher education in and around Tamil Nadu! Being very specific and relating to this South Indian State is one of its best features.

“In a world full of choices, how do you decide which college will suit your career path?” – Many such questions arise when we realise that it is time to set foot into college. This website will sure help! One can find out if the selected college fits their needs and even throws open topics for discussion.

You can compare institutes, share information and find the career that you always longed for. On the lighter side, your profile page will also give you a thought for the day, a tickler that makes you feel the world's funny side, daily horoscope predictions and a ‘did you know' fact! The collection of upcoming events keeps you up to date.

Career Counselor

This is another feature that is pretty impressive. It helps that section of scholars who are not too sure of which direction they should head .

Browse through the various career options available including the less trodden paths like anthropology and criminology.

The basics of the profession are explained in detail – eligibility, duration, job prospectus, remuneration and the institutes that offer it.

The website also offers a tutorial corner that provides question papers for various boards and classes (surprisingly, the higher secondary (+2) papers are not to be found!).

Identify the Institute

Browse for the college of your choice – and once you find it, all the details about this college can be found - a brief history, the admission process and the courses offered along with the official college website. And if you are not sure of which college you are aiming at, the course wise search is also present.

For those parents dissatisfied with their child's present school, they can find the school of their choice in their locality (specific to Chennai).

I must state that the list is not an exhaustive one – many top universities, colleges and schools are missing.

Kasturi is in Std XII at AMM School, Kotturpuram

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