Youngsters set out to spread the message about the “Lights Out” campaign.

The skies cleared up welcoming eleven young sailors, all set to spread the message for a noble cause. Nature seemed to throw its weight behind the campaign to save itself — no signs of the downpour that had left Chennai submerged over the past few days.

Setting sail

Taking full advantage of the sparkling weather, the 11 brave hearts hoisted up the sails and set out from the port of Chennai, breezing away towards the Anna Memorial, all for creating awareness about the “5-Elevens' Light Out”, a Climate Change Adaptation campaign, supported by the Exnora International in collaboration with Student Exnora and the Tamil Nadu Sailing Association.

The campaign plans to encourage people to switch lights off for 11 minutes at 11 o'clock on 11/11/2011.

Spreading the message with gusto, the young seafarers dodged and danced and played with the fickle wind, setting their sails right for its each mood swings, speeding ahead, showing no fear of the turbulent waters below.

The Indian Navy too joined in for the cause, as their vessel escorted the 11 sail boats until the mouth of the port.

It was then time for the wind to lead the way and for the 11 to spread the word. Proudly, the flags fluttered, sending out the message of the campaign to city folks.

The “Sail Mail” campaign was flagged off earlier by Commodore Amar. K. Mahadevan, Naval Officer in Charge (T.N. & P). Others present were Mr. Ashok Thakkar, Commodore, Tamil Nadu Sailing Association and Dr. M. B. Nirmal, Founder, Exnora International.