Movie: Kola Kolaya Mundhirikka; Cast: Karthik Kumar, Shika, Anand Raj

A wealthy man, in order to protect his inherited diamonds from his half-brother, sends four similar chairs, with one of them containing those diamonds to unknown people. After a generation, Karthik Kumar and Shikha, the thief duo, try to find those diamonds but end up searching for the chair in which they were hidden, only to find clues to the next chair.

Anand Raj plays the half-brother of the wealthy man who too hunts for these diamonds. The movie sets off for a rollercoaster ride from there on with dry comedies at most places, which tests the patience of the audience.


Karthik Kumar is at his best when it comes to playing the protagonist. His dancing skills have improved by leaps especially in the song ‘Notta Kodu' choreographed by Sridhar.

Newcomer Shika whose voice has been dubbed by Suchitra Karthik has done a perfect job. M.S. Baskar and Anand Raj are at their best with rib tickling comedies.

The biggest let downs have been Crazy Mohan dialogues, which sometimes are so irritating that they seem to have been taken from T. Rajendar's book. Music and BGM could have been much better.

Sarath Kumar and Jayaram are so boring that at the end of the movie we wonder what they were doing in the movie.

Above all, the director Madhumita should have done more research on comedy before taking on this genre. She seems to have completely lost the plot and ended up with an output which even she wouldn't have wanted to watch. Probably, a bigger budget for the movie could have made it better.

Bottomline: A classic example where the bigger names fail and the smaller ones try desperately to compensate for that.

SHREERAM M., R.M.K. Engineering College (2008 batch)