Movie: Mynaa

Cast: Vidharth, Amala Paul

From the director of small budget quality films like “Lee”, “Kokki” and “Ladam” comes yet another creation — “Mynaa” starring unknown faces with a promising start. Undoubtedly, the maker has proved his mettle with this one too.

Fighting for love

Surali (Vidharth) nurtures Mynaa (Amala Paul) right from childhood as she gets abandoned by her prodigal father. In return, Mynaa's mother promises to marry her to Surali. But later, when both grow up Mynaa gets engaged to someone else.

Infuriated Surali seeks revenge on Mynaa's mother and ends up behind the bars. The plot carries on with several twists and turns and finally ends with a shock. What keeps you engrossed are the stunning, uninhabited locales; hats off to cameraman Sukumar for his work. The director's choice of actors is astounding. The entire cast consists of new faces, but their performances are mature and outstanding. And D. Imman's tunes blend well with the screen play.

On the other hand, the major drawback is that, even an ordinary Tamil movie spectator can easily categorise it into a simple overused genre where the protagonist is a village ruffian who falls in love with a school girl and is capable of going to any extent to get her. There are several hackneyed situations, which even a front bencher can identify with.

Bottomline: In spite of minor foibles and flaws, this movie is definitely worth a watch and will stay in your memory for a long time.

S. SHRAVANESH, IV Year, B.E., Anna University