Take a trip down memory lane and spend some quality time with your oldest best friends…

My parents were off on an official trip and I had to stay at my grandparents’ home for a week. It was nostalgic as I had spent a major part of my childhood in my grandparents’ home. Unlike today’s kids, I was never glued to the television or video games. My paati used to take me to parks, teach me slokas and treat me to ice creams. My thatha and I tended to and nurtured our small garden. Getting covered with mud and becoming filthy was the fun part!

As years passed, I became “busy” with my studies, friends, social networking and of course, my cell phone. I would visit them once in a while and talk to them on the phone. I would get irritated when they ask me the same questions again and again. When I was a kid, I used to trouble them a lot, but they have never shown the slightest trace of anger. They were very patient with me. My paati and thatha were there for me when I needed them the most, but here I was, busy with things that are not going to help me in any way. So this is it! I bade goodbye to my cell phone. My grandparents and I planned an itinerary for the week and now, nothing is better or more important than the numerous temple visits and aratais over a cup of filter coffee with my old best friends!

The writeris a student of II year B.Tech, Rajalakshmi Engineering College

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