Heat giving you a bad hair day? Here's how you can keep it shining and smooth.


Cover your hair with a scarf to protect it from UV rays

Use a leave-in conditioner so that moisture in your hair will not be lost

Limit the use of hair dryer, ironing and other styling tools during summer

Avoid taking hot showers. If not, after a hot shower make sure to cool down your scalp with cold water at the end because hot water will open your cuticles and cool water will seal it

Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water. At least eight glasses of water is a must per day

Avoid products which have alcohol content. Products such as styling creams and gels contain alcohol; usage of such products will lead to hair dryness

If you are using styling products, make sure you wash them off your hair by the end of the day

Make sure to wet your hair before entering into the swimming pool. Because the hair which is already wet is already moisturised so it tends to absorb less amount of chlorine

Hair should be trimmed at least every 8 - 12 weeks to prevent split ends and maintain the health of the hair

Note: Loss of 50-100 hairs a day is not considered as hair fall

Grooming protocol

Sometimes, too much shampooing also makes your hair dry. To avoid this dilute the shampoo and use it for scalp followed by the conditioner for hair

Shampooing does not cause any hair fall. So shampoo your hair often to keep your scalp clean. Since people sweat a lot in scalp during summer it will create hair loss. So hair wash is a must

People generally apply oil to their hair during summer to keep the body cool. Yes, you can use oil in your hair but don't leave it for long hours as it will block the pores and attract dust. So shampoo your hair within five hours after applying the oil in hair. Leaving oil in hair for a day or two is not advisable

After shampooing don't brush your hair as the hair will be in a delicate state. Use a light serum and use a wide tooth comb to remove the knots. Use the comb from the end of hair to prevent breakage.

Add a little camphor to warm oil (any oil) and gently massage (Strong massage is not advisable as too much pressure will create hair fall) for your scalp to improve blood circulation which will enhance the hair growth.

The author is a Hair Expert with Fiama Di Wills.

What's your type?

Frizzy hair: Use serum on the damp hair, tie it up and leave it up for an hour or two till it gets dry and then open it up. This will help to control the frizzyness. Get deep conditioning done either at home or at the salon at least once a week.

Itchy scalp or scalp with heat boils: Boil a bunch of neem leaves and cool the water. After regular shampooing, use the neem water for your last rinse. It will be good if you continue it every alternate day to get a good result.

Oily scalp and dry hair: Use shampoo meant for oily scalp, gently massage (Massaging too much will over stimulate the hair) and very light conditioning at the end of the hair and rinse it.

Coloured hair: Don't choose a blonde shade for your hair during summer as it will bleach/fade out soon. Preferable colours during summer — Chocolate/chestnut browns/deep tones of red/burgundy

For oily scalp: Avoid using oil in hair. Using nice pack or a conditioner is advisable.

Regular swimmers: Apply serum before entering the pool. Serum acts as a barrier and prevents the hair from absorbing chlorine.

Home bound

Mix one egg yolk and olive oil, apply on your scalp and hair. Put your shower cap on. Leave it for an hour and rinse off with a moisturising shampoo followed by a conditioner (Egg white will make your hair dry but egg yolk has high fat content which will give moisture to your hair)

After shampooing your hair apply aloe Vera gel in the scalp for some time and wash it with cool water. This will help the hair to get moisturised and keep the scalp cool. (Applicable for any type of hair).

Got dandruff?

@home: Soak fenugreek seeds overnight, grind it to a fine paste, use the paste on the scalp, leave it for half an hour and wash it with anti dandruff shampoo.

@home: Mix one cup of curd with juice of half a lemon, apply only on scalp, leave for an hour and wash with anti-dandruff shampoo.

Use a shampoo and condition the hair only at the ends to avoid dryness.

Get deep conditioning done either at home or at the salon at least once a week.

No sharing of combs/pillows/towels...etc

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