A rude shock to cricket fans…

Just as I was preparing to head to my college for my semester exam, my all-time annoying sister switched on the idiot box… That day it did make sense. I was shocked, agitated, and in a state of hysteria. All the news channels were buzzing with the news. It was the probably the saddest day in the history of sports. After ‘slapgate’ Sreesanth made headlines with ‘fixgate’. The trio had tarnished the image of the Indian Punter — sorry, Premier — League, thus diminishing the image of cricket as a gentleman’s game.

I am wondering why on earth did bookies chose to pay Sreesanth for bad deliveries? It’s a bit like paying the Al-Qaeda to indulge in terrorist activities. They do it for free anyway!

It was the most unprecedented day for cricket fans. Everyone felt cheated. Of course, Rajasthan Royals were the worst hit. But there was yet another team in the same state — the Delhi Daredevils. Why? It’s because this time even the Delhi Police had performed better than DD. On a serious note, this issue is a wake-up call for all cricket fans who believed cricket was not just a sport but a religion too. The players play, win, lose, make money, enjoy, cheat, get caught… while we just watch and follow them, putting all the important jobs aside.

What’s the use? They are not going to give us their match money if they win or lose. They are not going to help us with our education or business. Is cricket really a gentleman’s game?

The writer is in his Pre-Final year studying Electronics & Communication Engineering at AIHT.

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