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Updated: February 3, 2010 17:17 IST

New age love

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iPod Touch
Doug Rosa
iPod Touch

iPOD TOUCH With everything going the tech way, why not love too?

Gone are the days when a simple piece of paper conveyed your feelings to the one you loved or when big brother acted as the Love Guru… Technology has revolutionised love too. Now all you have to do is look to your favourite portable music player for help. This Valentine's Day all iPod Touch users can rejoice with four new applications being introduced especially for the cupid-struck ones or those hoping to get struck. Here's a quick look at the applications along with what a Venus native (Maya, 22 years) and a Martian (Amar, 23 years) had to say:


This application is like the ‘Beginners' guide to flirting and dating’. If you've mastered both then this app is sure to provide you with some good laughs. Sample this: ‘Excuse me, do you have any raisins? How about a date?' or ‘Oh no, I’m choking! I need mouth to mouth, quick!’

Once you are done with the flirting and managed to get that date, move to the dating tips section to learn all the do's and dont's for men and women.

Maya: I would definitely not use it because it would appear very choreographed. Flirting should be spontaneous. It's better you learn it from experience rather than read it up.

Amar: This application seems handy especially when am in a pub and need to use a pick up line. I would rather look into my iPod for help than rack my brains.


Dying to say ‘Baby, I love you’ J.Lo style? You can do it in 50 different languages just to be sure, with a little help from this application. From Tamil, Hindi, Telugu to languages unheard of, this smart app knows it all and even teaches you how to pronounce it. Lord of the Rings fans can even profess their love in Elvish. Definitely not a long-term keepsake, this application is sure to give you the edge though.

Maya: Wouldn't serve any significant purpose unless my boyfriend knew 50 languages.

Amar: I prefer saying it in a language I know.


Get your partner together and make sure the two of you are alone coz this naughty application is sure to spice things up. Tap the heart or literally shake it up to get the slot machine on the screen rolling and get ready to fulfil the request it throws up. A tame sample being: ‘Tickle’ - ‘Leg’ - ‘15 secs’. The rest I shall leave it your imagination… This application is a great way to kill time with your partner.

Maya: It's okay for people in a specific age group. It'll work for us and seems like a lot of fun. I would definitely go for it.

Amar: Seems like the best thing to do when my chick and me don't have money and are rotting under the beach sun.

The other two

Love C@ards: It lets you send a special message to your sweetheart with the help of the 51 templates the application offers and an opportunity to personalise it with your own photos.

iPropose: Pop the question techie style using this iTouch app. Ask your intended “Will You Marry Me?” with tappable ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ options.

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