When questions lead to decisions.

Social consciousness is the consciousness shared within a society, where one is aware of the lurking problems and issues. The youth of today are aware of the problems and what is right and wrong. We, the youth have been criticised by elders for being morally bereft and lacking in ethics. Yet, it is the youth you see at the India Gate joining hands in protest be it the gang rape in Delhi, or the Jantar Mantar in support of Anna Hazare.

You can’t miss the beach clean-up at Marina or at Elliots. We are aware of the problems and we feel a need to act. Today, a new revolution has begun. We have begun to question everything. No longer are parents’ and teachers’ orders followed blindly, no longer are rules being adhered to meekly. We question the very fundamentals of the rules or the orders and see if it is redundant or pragmatic. And that’s what makes us to take steps against any form of injustice. There is a pervading sense of patriotism amongst us and this makes us want to help the country.

Volunteers in charitable organisations, NGO’s, defence and law enforcement services has increased manifold.

This just goes to show that we are not letting the country go to the dogs but are taking the country to a brighter future. Yes, there are youngsters who have fallen prey to vices, who feel this country is going to the dogs and want to get out of here as soon as possible. But then, every society has its problems. Today, the youth have an opinion on everything, ranging from the BJP to the South China Sea dispute.

This is due to the proliferation of the media and the internet which no doubt are a boon. These opinions lead us to think and find some semblance of a solution. We are part of a society which holds the fate of India in the coming years and it is very heartening to see plenty of like-minded individuals working for a cause. The fact of the matter is those who criticise our generation forget who raised it!

VISHAL.V, SSN College of Engineering, I Year, Mechanical Engineering

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